Thursday, May 04, 2006

port dickson on holiday weekend

labour day on the 1st of may. so damn lucky it was on monday, so for thoes have 5 working day.. yoOhOOoo!!! we have 3 days, i mean 3 WHOLE days, which is OFF to work.

so back to seremban, and start planing on these 3 days....
day one: no plan
day two: bo plan also
day three: no plan....because i need to attend a wedding dinner at 7pm.

what the hell...long holi but no plan for that, what a waste..
aahha,, but its ok. lucky i still have ahfee..i plan to join him for his plan. [he told me that on his friend BD, for him abit like his own family day, because he need to bring me along...but...dun care la, i really have no plan, no entertainment, no fun if i never follow him to PD.]

so these are some pic i took on the one day trip....

we go here...

then we on a war game....
get ready.... go..

and we won...

and these fella,, all looser... [sorry, but ur too week....]
then we go on seafood supreme...yo!!!
and, happy birthday to them.

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