Tuesday, April 18, 2006

state of mind

i read up a book..but too bad i forgot what the name of it. and i copied down what's really inspire me..just want to share it anyway.


just as it is impossible to gain the reward of eating fresh fruit without first planting and tending to a fruit tree. so too it is important that we balance our lives by planting seed of success early.

as we have learned, there are many steps on the journey of life. we are like everything else on the planet. our lives go in cycle and good things take time. to really gain rewards in life, often we have to work hard for long time. like a tree which grow up strong, we have to allow our "roots" to go deep into earth before we can grow upwards.

also, like a tree, eventually we have to start giving back.

trees grow fruits, fruits grow seeds.

seeds grow more trees.

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