Thursday, April 27, 2006

movie day

its wednesday, its a movie day!!

wo wo, so long... has been 2 weeks i never go for a movie..its i plan to go on a movie this week. soOOOoooooo..........The Wild cartoon i'm aiming for, its not that funny as incredibles, or madecasca [spelling?] but at least the coala bear plays an important role in that [i go for this cartoon is just because of this coala bear le]

talk about wednesday is a movie day in whole malaysia, but...ok la, in midV the offer will cut off after 9pm... and what?? i knew it since "once upon a time"...not only that, they have extra charges for new movie tickets tim, sometimes the selling price up to RM12. but this will be happened in midV la, as for other area for GSC the price will be much cheaper..but u know la, ppl like us really "jin" must go watch in midV baru got the "feel". as for me, i prefer TGV at sunway, as long as u dun choose the latest movie, your wallet won shrink so much...standard price on wed for the whole day... yoOOhoo!!

and up comin next.... mission impossible....

deng1 deng1 deng2 deng3 deng2 deng1...deng3 deng3 deng4. deng3 deng3 deng4.......remember the music and they always start with the matches....the classic.

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