Thursday, April 06, 2006


having lunch in the afternoon basically is important to everyone, claiming that this is one of the basic meals for the day. 3 important one which is Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

as for myself, i'll be skipping my breakfast most of the time during school time, but not anymore when i start to work. ahaha, for those who are working right now, surely they understand why. hoho...having breakfast with your collegues in the office is fun, we can spend more time on our breakfast and start work almost 0845 or 0900 although start work at 0830...wahaha!! but,, we do work OT without pay wo...

as for lunch, i really enjoy my lunch hour when i start working in KL.because this will be the kepoh session [most of the time], and staring from now, my ex-coursemate from the nearby comp will be joining us on and off. we will keep up-dating each others as part of the lifely information [so our life will full of suprises], information from any sources, eg. how's d work, how's the pay, and where/how is our friends', who's collegue is more bitchy/jibai + who's their active/current partner at the moment, are they changing their work, who's getting married, siapa-siapa in oversea work as a ***, or someone futher their masters or PhD, and who kena lottery, who who who have change their hair style, who's having new car, even sometimes who's going to movie last night also can kepoh......[see la,quite meaningless right? but i bet everyone practising this when meeting up friends.] and you may claims this as caring ma...

but mainly i do it to my female friends, and to some close male friend as well. sometimes our "meeting" quite crazy la, especially when u meet someone can be as crazy as i am, normally this can be happened when i'm with eling, eugenia or ling chih. and too bad la, ling chih siao wu in UK now, she told me that she's now in UK but seem like she's in a arab country...ahaha..may be i'm getting ld and always think about the past while i'm in school.... and start to buy insurance and drive very slow,, my friends said that when u have all this thoughts, meaning that i'm getting old and old folks is more "gia si-hokkien".

and NO!!! i dun wan to become a old lady with wrinkles....but, this will be the fact...hmm. but nvm la, as long as i still can kepohing/hang out with them, i dun mind getting old, because they will be getting old together with me tooooooOOOooooo.

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