Tuesday, April 18, 2006

APRIL @seremban

April is a very special month to me since i'm a christian, because i know that my BD will be always someway near Good Friday and Ester Sunday. arr,, basically not only to myself, to all of us born in April, more to Aries.

few of my friend's BD are one or two days range, so i always feel that we are really "yuen" if u want me to tell u more. weii, this is God arrangement ma, arr.. is it??

few friends back in MONASH they came to celebrate with me and not only that, i need to take him to the fish shop, damn!! i rather spend sometime on the mahjong table...

we went on a dinner and then.. what else again, happy hour all night long.
i went with them...

and them...
and the they give me this on that night. but on the next day, i have some winnie the pooh collection....hmm. how old am i.. but not bad la.. so next time may be "ang pow" k??? and we take some pictures with our mahjong cards, u may count on the points then u'll know how terra we are.


  1. Anonymous11:44 am

    i got 2 fei le... not za wu...

  2. LOL... i said za wu then za wu lahh!! im the expert!