Saturday, April 22, 2006

1930 - 0000

friday night like yesterday...fuhh..really wan to "ga na sai" those fella which come late. imagine they were LATE for 3 and a half god!!!

but still ok with me, because there are few of us there, bull shitting and talk cock abit la, laughting none stop when hau is there ady. this guy is a joker, he was telling me and johannes that he was a senior and became a junior...and i promise to bring you to SBN in my final year back in Monash,, just to visit the "legend seremban siew pao" which u always mention...and, too, i cant promise him that i will attend his graduation in this comin September. if i'm there, i guess i'll "sapu" the food in the graduation hau..u wait la, alright? we may come because of the nice food in sunway hotel..and because of u also la, buddy... we talk about "sum = heart" ma..are we???

and back to those ppl who's super late,,, basically we should charged them on our drinks lo, and lucky we are not waiting at starbucks, if not this gathering will be very memorable la wei....but still we were not stop...really none stop drinking "suet cha", tea-o-ice and tea-ice..until someone mention that he "feels" very u can imagine how broke we are, other than "water" we cant affort any "food".

so when everyone's there, we were lagi terra on bull-shitting, mention sampai when we get old [only a few of us la], and someone they are on bacteria work, so they keep exchanging information...until how canggih they were..and sekali they got E.coli purified from the soil,,ahah, will this claims as waste of time?? unless u got something really special... and got some sohai trying to buy disposable pipette tubes from the lab tech..and end up he got it "free"... wo wo wo, this practise will always happened on them.. they can have a mini-exibition of their work i guess.... so who izzit.... who who's that fella!!!

too bad have to work on that saturday, forgive me, i make a move 1st.

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