Sunday, March 26, 2006

wonderful weekend

how come i'm here agin in malacca??

ar..even this place is boring, but still love to come here.
atleast here i can hang out with my friends, can take pictures, can have nice food [food that cant get in KL] and reasonable price what i can say. for example, u cant always take picture in midvalley, pyramid,KLCC or ikea gua, coz we always hang out at these places and i will find it very wierd, but unless.....with non-local la k. and now go to these places, we never dress up liao, just a simple house t-shirt with shorts. so do u think we still wan to take picture on that "look"?

and we are here in malacca, to visit my ex-collegue and visit only jonker in the afternoon. the weather super hot, and still HOT!!! no time for the evening part because they need to go back at 8pm, too bad for them. off course the chicken rice, the concentrated "gula melaka" cendol is their favourite. and along the street, got alot antic shops, and my friend have spend so much time to look for their interest. 10 minutes passed, 20mins passed, and "ok, its time for us to proceed to the next stop already". i know i'm very bad to ask them to leave the place, but if u dun do that, i guess they can "QC-quality control" every single item in the shop.... and they should lucky to have me in helping them for their time management....and we do took a few pictures, and how come few only.. i forgot to bring mine and johannes came out in a hurry and mr.chin brought a low-bat camera...this is why we took a few pictures at jonker.

we took pic with chin's car at the river side.

and this 2 gila's want to take picture with the chicken rice

and almost kena bang by the car..damn!

i love this mail box, its very have one.hoho

but we enjoy it and we crap alot about the experience back in MONASH.

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