Wednesday, March 08, 2006

too old @ too young

its the time for me to voice out something which i dun really understand in the circle of life, or may be u can say the cruel side in the business community.

when i'm a graduates, i start to search for my carreer for a better life [actually no one love to work in this world, except for some "workoholic" or some one really enjoy working life compare, or may be some work really in vacation style.] hmm, as for myself, in order to wake up in the morning and get myself to work is difficult, especially work starts at 0800 or 0830, and beside this u need to get your
public@own transportation.

if you are taking LRT, here is some reality u need to face. and all this based on my own experience from age 19.

[LRT + BUS user]
if u stay far from LRT station (far mean cheap in rental), u need to wait for the torties driver to come, and u wish all traffic light is green to go when u see them changing yellow. not only this, when reach the LRT, u need to run for the train, when u listen to this "shhhhh" the train is either comin or leaving @ " ti ti ti"which mean u have another 10 seconds. if u think you are a supergal or superboy, may be u manage to get on board. when u reach your exit, may be u need to wait for another torties bus driver to get you to your school or office and all this may need you to wake up at 0600 - 0630 if you wan to be on time. if your are a student, may be u can skip the morning class. as for those punch card employee, i'm so sorry for them, if your are late, some company may deduct the salary. this "deduction" may help u to understand your company.

through my experience, some companys' rule may like this.
a) 1 minute = deduct 30 minutes [F**k + looser company]
b) 1 minute = really deduct 1 minute [its ok if u work 15min OT and you may get 14min OT $]
c) they dun mind how late you are, and make sure your job can be finished on time.

okok, far from what i should...

for those only rely on bus transportation, well u may skip the LRT part, and this does not mean your life will be better. during the working hour for every morning and evening, i ASSURE u that you will always trap in the
massive@heavy@not moving traffic jam [except you know many shortcuts and u willing to pay for toll to have a minor@light@moving traffic jam], but lucky you are only a passenger, u can sleep or rest in the bus if u able to get a seat. but mainly are standing like the sardine in rectangle aluminium can + traffic jam@accident on the road, plus sometime no air circulation + some BO[body odour ppl] stand next to you,i can only say good day to you buddy.

as a conclusion, so better get a company near the LRT station @ bus station.

this is for the [car user]
ok, you may escape from the packed bus and having your own private transportation.BUT... u still have to jam in the traffic, UNLESS u wake up very early in
the morning and start your engine at 0700 (depends la). the flow is still ok by then, if u late for another 15min, u need to pray for mirical happen,, but some still manage to be in the office by 0830, sorry for those start at 0800. besides this, in order to have a private space, you may contribute to the queue of the heavy jam, and u may bare on the expenses [petrol+toll+parking fee] and you need to be extra concentrate when driving together with thoes "tuhan kereta" on road.

to [motorcyclist]
so admire them when in good weather, and pitty them when its rainning.
good weather**they can be anyway. no need to wait for queue.
hot sun*******become "roasted pig*babi bakar"
rainny day****they will be under the shade*normally under the highway bridge.
they may save time and expenses, but its super dangerous.

so, which one is the best to be choosen???

and WHY too young and too old. ahhaaha... this is what i want to start now, just now was bull-shitting, all because of the "wake up early to work" in my mind.

too young is when go for interview, ppl may consider that i'm too young to handle the work, or always think that i'm fresh in the field,they may ask u alot alot questions, and they may looking for those experience. ok, may be i agree. but t i keen to learn, responsible.....cant think of it now.moreover, i dun think everyone have the experience to gain if they never given a chance. product knowledge and company profile can be easily develop if the person "absorption" is high. but to handle "gossip experience" this may need to develop for time being in order to protect ourself. and this too young may help me in selecting job when i still have the chance to change working environment, may be for another 3 years or 2. when your about to proceed to too old stage, ppl will make a selection due to age, reasons like this, not agrresive la, the brain rust liao la, slow motion, no new idea as the freshy do la, and all sorts of reason they can give. but always remember "They are the boss", unless u have potential that ppl wan you to be their partner desperately. old, senior, plus experienced and they tend to say that your heart no more motivation, stable and sastified with the condition....and so so so. but well, hey,, is experience count???? yerr.. so what they want!!!!

hmm.... but what i understand is the fact that, when someone dun appreciate you, they can give all sorts of reasons, excuses, general facts... and its true also, they have to choose the best of the best among use ma, and they cant affort to have any "heart attack" news. for example,, may be u have been working there for 2, 3 months and they spend so much time to train u up, your time and theirs and somemore they PAY you. so, and in a suddent, resignation letter is the way we pay them back... and that's why nwo a day the recruitment centre they wan us to sign a "contract" that at least have to work for 3 months whenever they get u a a job while u accept it. and even some company they hire those contract basis. and talk about this contract basis...hahha, may be is kind of
insurance@protection to protect the employer and employee for not paying bonus???i wonder....

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