Tuesday, March 21, 2006

to a special one, on a special day

the special day was on this 19 of MArch 2006, but there will be another 19 of MARch for 2007, 2008 for the coming years. [this is just my excuses actually, because i din get to celebrate with my special one on his BD.]

basically, for every special moment, we do not celebrate together, this may due to our timing. either is mine fo his, always not in the same area@location i mean. and through out these years, we already get used to it, and sometimes rather spending all these special moment together with friends. MORE PEOPLE, MORE FUN!!! same tactic apply on ordering food too, coz u cant eat alot of stuff just with 2 person, so MORE PEOPLE, MORE FOOD to order.

even i'm abit heartless, din get to wish u on 0000am sharp, BuT, i bought u a small and nice cake on that evening when your are back right?? and all i wan to tell u is : HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u mr.blur!!

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