Monday, March 06, 2006


have been a while not into this activities for so so long. here i need to apologise to my fello friends and "family member" in monash@hostel.

hmm.. as for this i need to let u guys know what i'm busy with lately. arr** first of all, i need to be super carefull when i go online in my office, although i have nothing to do for the whole day [sometimes]. and we are SHARING the PC!!!! what!! can you imagine that while you are using the computer and someone beside u waiting for their turn to check for their email at outlook express.

for instant :
some stupid, i guess they may be dun have the ability to communicate or just wan to be cool in my office. or may be they are hadicape [problem with their voice or they never brush their teeth or they smell awful when they about to open their mouth.. or may be~~ GOD!!

Opp, again sorry for going too far.

they just standing besides me or near the PC or behind my chair while i'm using it, at first i ignored them. after 3 minutes, again she's there since just now. and then

me: blue
stupid collegue: green

"ar, u need to use the computer?"
"yalar, then why i'm here?"

so i quickly move my heavy body from the chair and in my heart i'm using vulgal words to send her family also ancestors some "touching" regrads. this doesn't mean that i always simply send ppl's regrads in vulgal words, because they are not friendly at the first place. since so many times [see, not the first time, i'm kind enought to them] they dun show their "friendlyness" so why must i always be the fool, may be i still can pretend infront of then but deep in my heart i have curse them or send them regrads so so many times, ever since i'm not happy with their silliness.

ok for this scenario, and secondly is based mostly on the first scenario. since have to be super carefull when using the PC and yet i have to wait till no one there infront of the PC only then i use to check mail, heheh. or may be print out my resume or may be check out some relavent job online. but too bad, how come no respond at all. again,, BE PATIENT!!!! and yet, this super carefull action may delay some of my stunt, i cant check mail or writing my blog so obvious ma, so i need to pretend that i'm checking the company's email. wahaha!! now i able to do this because i dun care!!

to mr.boss: fire me if u want to. [this is the kind of spirit when u think that this is a part time job for u]

and also for the pass few weeks, i have a lot of thinking, this is because i'm too free, nothing to do in the office. having some memories refreshing session. [in a reverse style]

thinking of the old days when i'm in MONASH with my manjong kaki + marlboro kaki, lepak kaki, dinner and supper kaki, also my burger kaki "irene the roomate from B309 till D103" as well. before the establisment of this manjong club among few of us, we do have a "cho dai dee club" before this happened.

---> club member : johannes (curl hair), miss Sim (funny+siao lady), kiki (the great detector), eling (crazy+generous lady), arr..the guy a always forget his name (i'm sorry) and ME!!!

we always, i mean we is because eling and myself always hang out at johannes place at lagoon view, sunway.[fuhhh, rich student stay in rich apartment, but too bad, we all are the poorest among the rich.] that's why we can hang around, doing stuff which not even spend a cent. to be frankly, we are not together doing work sometime, we are copying his stuff and try to modify it with our streesfull mind. this is because when someone get their work done and we no need to do extra finding as u can say that we are --- YES!! we are LAZY!!! and we do not have higher marks than he do, so he won feel bad for that, this is because i always pray for him "GOD!!! let me pass and i wish i will not have higher marks than the master copy" here u go, that's why u have a honour and we don't have it.wahaha!!!

besides having fun with our assingments and reports, we do need some entertainment as well, we start with "cho dai dee" and pairs. and later when johannes bought a set of manjong back from singapore which cause him $20 for that, and in order to have worth manjong set, we always play the manjong. off course based on our skillfull technique, we dun really know how to play with "fan @ circles [tong zi] @ tai sam yun", so they decided to visit my father during our winter break. so this fella even note down what my father teach him over the session. hmm.. i should charged him on that.

after the trip, the "manjong angin lagi kuat". and these slow down a bit when someone not on the track, some distraction occur may be. together, some of them start leaving uni due to graduate, transfer and some even moving to another apartment. but the manjong spirit will not die, so these activities starts again in eugenia's apartment at Spectrum, the scary, haunted-look lift. but in order to accomplish our mission, so DUN CARE la!!! and later get use to it,not so scary anymore.the robber there lagi terrified!! and this go on till we almost reach the finals, but due to some circumstances [part time job] i dun have much time to spend with the new and old club members. moreover, i dun even have a chance to join their activities indeed, what a waste..

and come to the research project, hoho, we do have lots of fun in the science lab, we work from day to night to get our
compound@extraction@fraction, we have to share the machines since everyone using it to seperate their own proteins. that was fun, and i have learnt alot of stuff which i can never get it from the book, arrr.. can say not only science knowledge from the text book. something like.....what ever it is, it's all about science. physic is science, matematic is science, art is science, anger management is science tech too and all these inter-@intra-related. yet related to pseudo-science if u wan to apply it in astrology or mynth [fuhh~~i'm really a science student]

be a part of hosteline, its great!! classes start at 8am, wake up at 745am, still manage to be class on time [if u dun really dress up, or put on lotion, sunblock, face cream and perfume] if u want to get all this done plus a healty breakfast, i need to wake up at 7am and i CHOOSE not to wake up until 8am. so i,,err we always late for the morning classes, because all the LATE kaki practise the same act as i do. when ever there is a break in between, u can only see us in the computer lab or "corner shop" [the shop located at the corner] drinking soya or "tau fu fa". or else i'll go back sleep since the walking distance its only 3 minutes. and irene, the roomate she were super loyal to her VU and she hardly skip class, she honour me with her respect to my loyalness towards my bed and pillows. and i have spread my viruses to her i guess.

that's some part of my uni life, as in taylor, i do have my a dear chou chou and way way, they are the best! why? coz both of them are funny and mr.good for some moment. chou chou help me alot in my maths, and about way way...he brought us to klang for "pak kut teh" just for once. and where are they now? still on their journey to become a doctor.

as in the student house, subang. for those staying in 17 [if i'm not wrong] are wonderful, except the old and urgly owner which is the most useless bitch who keep increasing the rental. and thanks to her also, i found another house in SS15 with only RM150 per head, and i stay till i finished my A-Level.thanks to this RM150 rental per single room, this make myself much more easier compare to RM230 for a 4-sharing master bedroom.[this is subang if u wan to stay there, and this is 6years ago, may be now the rental increase drastically. and SUNWAY lagi expensive if u wan to compare] and i still remember CASAMIA, the bakery, we always hang out there for the tarts and someone love the peanut bread. also go to the BIG pasar malam with housemate on every tuesday and sunday [too bad, it moved nearby 3M in sunway].

so, this was my life after form 5, pasar malam, food, sleep, manjong and MSN with my kaki.


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    last time shiok le....damn....feeling nostalgic suddenly..... one time kena plagiarism le....kena sai....