Tuesday, March 07, 2006

stairWAY 2

yesterday was tired, so din write much about my life back in secondary school and primary too. but its nothing much to talk about either. but as i got nothing to do [besides counting the pages whether they are in order and is there is mark up proof, and this is my task for today.]

when during the school time at temiang [this is a malay girl school and we are famous with fighting, "ponteng"(not skip class so simple, is totally dun go to school for 1 or 2 days), mini skirt uniform... and all this thanks to my former senior, if not no one knows who we are ((because in seremban we have another english gal school name-convern and the goverment change it to "puteri" and i found it funny. may be for some former convern gal will have the same concept as i do. ar.. its like that this gal school super famous, alot ppl but male wan to be part of them, ppl say the gal there pretty, ppl say the gal there smart, and ppl say the gal there very lady-like, and ppl say they are standard, somemore branded. and okey!! i agree to some part of it.)) so in conclusion, my school, is lousy compare to them la.

besides all these, we do have after school activities too---eg.c0-curiculum. and the rule is we have to select one bahasa club, one sport club and one uniform club. i hate to have all these 3 selection actually, but lucky i have all my kaki in the same club.

1st we select :chinese society ; 2nd will be these...hand ball, net ball and volley ball.(since they join all these i go there have fun with them too. and 3rd choice, the Teakwondo team (which i started this during primary. so i'm strong and tuff!! yoYoYo!!)

these 3 activities make me super loaded and plus i need to go for alot tiutions, before PMR i need to go for science tiution, BM and BI tiution and after this PMR, going to SPM i need to go physic and add-maths tiution. not only this, during form 4, every one starts having their P driving license, and we love to go mamak and PD just for fun, and because of this, alot, many elders keep complaining that i'm turning BAD, got bad influence from them. siGGGggggHh..i'm tired to do any explaination here and i did show my temple or fighting with them about this over and over and over...again and again. and finally many years later, untill now i proof myself not wrong for having all this friends, at least they are not doing bad things, at least not to me. at least i have so much fun and experience rather than sitting@staying back home, doing nothing, learning nothing. and i know most of the parents love their child to stay at home, study and study and also helping them for the housework or gardening.

yerr.. !! i really hate when doing the gardening. may be later i can put on some house picture for a view, then u can imagine. and lucky, i'm not the one doing all these, my little brother do most of them, the funnist is he need to go down the drain and stand still in order to get the "pagar tree" trimed. and always kena bitten by ants and mosquitoes, truelly pitty him. and may be i can draw a blue plan of my house at RJ.[let me put it here next time, cant upload it right now]

but when your are on the spot u won feel that, if u feel pitty on him and why dun you cut the pagar tree for him, and i rather keep quiet, sometimes i'll be kacau and look while during the process. just wan to watch him, if he fell, may be i can rescue him..by laughing out loud 1st then may be can shout to get help from my mum. but i din see him fell badly, so all this its only my imagination for the falling part.

and before this secondary school time, we always like to wash the cement floor at the parking space, actually want to play the bubbles with FAB detergent. and once after cleaning, the "cendol" will speeding towards our lorong and lucky its a dead end lorong and manage to catch him every time. so one ringgit for both of us is alot, one huge bowl of cendol!!!!

or may be we will choose one cartoon [[cartoon like peter pan, cinderella, beauty and the beast, pinoccio, "lou fu zhi", and sleeping beauty only. and we dun have little mermaid or even mickey mouse@donald duck, this is because no one buy for us and i dun even know their existance, and until i'm 8@9 then only got aladdin and +++, then lucky walt disney keep comin out new cartoons, like NEMO [double yeah!!] so make my life in hostel more interesting ]] or tapes and he will go buy KFC with his BMX. or else we will play 3 ppl manjong with 2 person.hoho, its tricky!! that day i heard my mum said one time she and my dad too boring at home, and they plan to play 2 ppl manjong with 2 person, and keep shorting of cards, off course la, so can see we are smarter to play 3 ppl manjong with 2 person...and mum said its boring and yet can can play for 6 round.[pui fuk!!]

with all these memories, my spare time will be filled and i even ceritakan some of the fun stuff to my friend sometimes when ever there is an incident similar with what i experienced.

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