Monday, March 20, 2006

pit stop PARTY

Last week I was boring when my friend called me in the afternoon, telling that they are not coming to SBN to visit my puppy and me. Due to their naughty cat fell from 7th floor, and amazingly, the cat still survived but with minor bone fracture at one leg. And u know, Chinese says cat got 9 life’s so, I guess twinkle the cat still have 8 to go. See, pet like a child for those really care, like my friend and myself [seeing her twice a week at the moment, and I still love to play with her]. Ya, when they are not coming off course sien liao la, I have plan for the day and next ma. Even, I felt lonely because no one coming and basically can say no friend in SBN. Some still in KL, some stay at home jaga anak, some went to Singapore, err,,I know last week-end was GOOD DAY in lunar calendar, hmm……u understand la, Chinese culture. And YES, quite a lot of my friend getting marry on that Saturday and Sunday too. But bUT BUT…. lucky, my day was brightened up by my beloved friends; they brought me to the pit stop party at SEPANG. HohOHo, the night at this party was wonderful + excellent as my conclusion.

HaH, how wonderful? And how excellent it can be right? If you were there, u will feel it. The party starts roughly at 2200pm, and its super crowded. even there are 6000 free parking space, still, people love to park some where near the party entrance. See la, like those civilized
people@parker, by using their civilized brain so that may be they will not trap in the traffic when the party ended.THAT’s WHY traffic jam will happened dull!!!! by the way, traffic jam will happened whenever there is a special occasion. eg. jam in the morning during the week days [working is a special occasion to someone special like me.], jam in shopping mall [when the MAD JJ sale is on], jam in highway [CNY, hari raya, deepavali], jam in disco club [every weekend, and ladies' night], jam in KFC, jam in McD drive thru counter....etc. arrr. let's back to the party.

as i mention, rave party wo. of course got alot chuun gals and handsome yet tall guys, and lala look buddies as well. so ignore things that i dun have in interest. ang-mo aunty and uncle as well and u know la, some women with big tummy in tight shirt, "huge men and women"...fuhh.countless.. and how come keep seeing this kind of view. and i decided to go for a farer view, walk nearer to the stage. and finally i found a better spot. gals with bra top, guy with tatto or nice body line, start unbutton their
shirt@naked top, woWOwO, this is what i comin for...HOT!!!n Crazy!!! when the atmosphere is high and you are with your friends, trancie music, everyone start swinging or shaking their body or hands up in the air together with alcoholic drink and also free-flow cigratte from my friend. hey!! what are u waiting for, enjoy yourself and the point is, the occation is only on once in a year. [besides others rave la]. ok la, actually the beginning of the party was boring, coz the crowd haven worm up their engines. during that, they provide some fire-works too, this helps!! like the ignitor to make the people become hot and crazy and getting more CRAZY!! and truely, the weather for that night, may be up to 31 celcius i guess. and some of the ang-mo leng lui cant tahan the hot temperature in SEPANG, and they starting to play with ICEy water, well well well, some of my friend also join them for a ice bath, coz when he's going there he told me this "i cant loose this opportunity".

again, with cigratte and beers plus music, this is how we spend our week end at SEPANG. all i wan to say to them is THANK YOU, because i have a special night..... and oPppSSs, i din get to celebrate with my special one on his special day, so may be tomorrow la.

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  1. Anonymous5:53 pm

    wei, it,s not twinkle the,s 'twinkie,,,,'

    anyway...shioke le...see people take off their tops...he hot....