Monday, October 02, 2006

whole new quarter

the 1st day of my quarter, sigh... not good. i need to do alot preparation for this quarter, for the sales planning, for the presentation of my past quarter as well as this quarter. alot things to do, what my product manager assign me to do.. haven start yet. charm, guess i'll kena hang later when he see me.

for the 1st day of work, i ady start curing tulang ady. memang not in good mood... may be i a bit too much also. anyway. im going to sleep early every day, and be fresh and energetic every day... haha... can u believe this. im trying to convince myself la, u guys dun distract me.

heh, today i bribe my customers a bit, i always buy them fruits and tarts or else food. haha. must thank them for their hard work too ma, help me to sell my product.haha. good good, keep it up. can i??

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

3rd quarter

hi.. has been a while.

if someone doing sales, they may know what is quarter, and what is so important so divide into 4 quarters. why ar..?? sales target and commission la, what else!!!

boy, no doubt i got my sales, and the matter is i duno whether im getting my share for this quarter. hmm. i wish. then i'll be smilling all the way to bank ady. yeah!

and u think sales really that good, relax and can "makan angin"?? dream on, my friend. u know roller coaster anot? u know how the customers and their account make u heart attack anot. and when they return your stock, mati la u. certified!! so, have to make sure u really jaga their account and how good your relatinship with them, and make sure your product is moving fast!! hmmm. all this quite technical, may be u buy me a drink then i explain it later. face to face. heh.

its about closing for this month, so relax abit, stay home, sleep, recharge abit......hmm. sounds like "curing tulang" right? yeah, you are right!! ppl need a break to go for futher distance. cheh... u cant complain much, we work hard in the beginning, so we can rest while closing. heh. smart??

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


have u ever thought abt your future....

what will u be in the future, who's your friend, everyone getting married, but not u...harr.. that scares me most. this is much terrified after my brother draw me a future chart in my relationship.. this fella, always like to tell me this.. wei.. no wei, i'm staying with u if i still cant get Mr. Right in my early 30's.. u better pray hard for that!!!! Mr. fee.

sigh... my heart so tired, mentally and physically too.
not only mr. fee telling me this, my fren from UK remind.. nope.. keep reminding me on this issue.. wei.. am i that old, am i in the stage of that desperate..haaa.. am i?? not quite.. i guess.. even myself also not sure abt that sometimes... no, winnee.. focus. be who you are.. u still have mr. fee.. ahaha. too bad for u boy.

i have a very wierd concept.. i dun date colleagues, i dun date classmates, and i dun date stangers... unless it has been years for me not seing them or lost touch ady..haha..

that's why my a dear, chou chou, he said im having major problem..major problem of getting friends in my circle..hmmm. radius of my friend circle quite wide.. but..nvm. i duno how to explain in here. for ppl that know me very well, they always know...thank you all.

me, winnee, not a kid, dun worry...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

studio day

this afternoon i went for this photo shooting session, just for the sake of teman my brother graduation. at first in year 2005 sept, i thought i can escape it. mana tahu!!!! my brother having his convo on 13 august 2006, and i force to borrow the rope. and we have to have this together, man!!! is tiring and i'm so not good in posting and smiling..even this take abt 45min, but seem like very long.....

this is the pic when we get ready for it...

we designed it a bit.
can see the quality difference anot?we are the grad from mahjiong club..finally have our certificate for it.. title: mahjiong fello!
MMU mahjiong club VS Monash mahjiong club, friendly match for the last time on our robe.
concentrate on my sms..

try to be like a grad again...feel it!!

me and my brother.. mr.fee.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

SMC 1 -4august

must up date some of my fello friends about this.. my experience in hospitals.

actually it starts with gastric pain.. persist for duno how long ago.. and one day.. major pain, heart beat become very fast and start to sweat.. and i still on the mahjiong table with my brother with his gal. and that's it.. i need a doctor than the beautiful cards on my i when to a private hospital in seremban.

register myself.. waiting... ok, doctor was nice, nurses was nice... when the bills comes..not really good. but this is not important..

during the check up..

dr: any family history with gastric pain?
me: yes
dr: allergic to any medicine?
me: no
dr: any diabetics? heart problem? or kidney dysfunction?
me: no
dr: do u smoke?
me: yes, but not often, once in a while, hmm. may be one or twice in a week.

dr: alright.......u work as a...?
me: sales, dr.
dr: do u take ur meal on time?
me: depends, hardly make it on time, why?
dr: ur work very stress?
me: hmmm.....not really.
dr: let me check your stomach.
me: ar.. alright.

after that, we proceed to dr's room [just now was in the emergency room]
dr: so, i give u some medication and u take it for 3 days.
dr: and if u want, may be u can come back to check with dr. w, he is our internal medicine doctor. may be i can make an appoinment for u on monday.
me: why doctor? do i have any major problem?
dr: not yet... since u have this gastric problem for years, and your gastric so persistant, is better u go a test call OGDS, kind of scope to check whether u have ulceration or any outgrowth or gastritis..alright? better check before things get worse.
me: if that case...i won be comin back to seremban to get the test done, can i do it somewhere else in KL or PJ?
dr: yes, sure. i'll write u a reference letter then.
me: thank you doctor.

so, dr start to write the reference letter. in the mean time..

dr: so u better take this medication and try to get the test done within this week or two.
me: alright, doctor. how about alcohol?can i drink beer, whisky or brandy?
dr: [look at me]...yes. but better cut down alot, this will burn ur stomach. and dun eat spicy food.
me: thanks doctor.

then i get out from doctor's room... so this is the 1st time went to ER.

on monday afternoon, i went to SMC, someone addressed me to dr.J. she's a very nice doctor.
i have my check-up, and i'll be admited in the late afternoon. i'm alright with that.. only a normal check up on OGDS, no big deal..i guess.

i tend to be quite relax in the night, just a bit bored. reading my book and magazine..just to occupied. o ya..send sms.

the next morning..god!! i start to be quite come? when they start to push my bed from 2nd floor to lower ground floor into the endoscopy room, and dr.J start to make a line [a temporary needle-like hole on my hand..easier for injections] i nearly scream, but i never. hey... here come the story.

they took my right hand, ask me to hold hard on it. and they trying to get my vien. and nope, they still cant get it with the 2nd try. my hand bony, and my viens is embended.

and i start to have this funny voice .........

me: dr.J, can get or not? i'm very painful ady.
dr: ur hand very small, not easy to get. i need to try ur left hand.
me: herrr...but...
dr: come give me ur left hand..
me: [no choice already, i gave my left hand to dr]
dr: ok, this is much better, can see the vien [she's telling another nurse]
me: [in my u better check before u give me the 1st hole doc]
dr: so i'm giving u this analstetic, this may make u sleep, alright? [start injection]
me: [soft] herr... pain...
dr: gal gal...dun like that. u are a clever gal, alright.
me: [falling to sleep].........

when i wake up, they push me to the ultrasound room, get my liver checked, gal bladder checked, ovaries checked as well as kidney. every thing is fine!!!! great!!!

then i get discharged in the late afternoon. i thought i'm ok.

the next morning, i'm on my way to KLCC, going for the 5th APLAR, more on arthritis issues. mana tahu, i fainted in the LRT. and u know what. no one help me beside a middle age lady offer me a this is Malaysian.. and why they always so proud to be Malaysian??? what malaysia boleh??? boleh in what??? boleh in not to help, boleh in rude and proud??? so this group of LRT fella totally no courtesy..except this middle age lady, i thank her in the LRT till i step out from the LRT. and i told this to my good friend... u know what the idiot said, he said i should wear low cut and sexy abit, for sure alot ppl will offer their seat. damn!!

i still went to APLAR, but i took off at 11am, feel like "collaps-ing". i try to be strong enuf to get on the LRT, and get my car, and drive myself back to my house. i slept for the whole afternoon, unconsious, i dun even know i'm having high fever. and lucky someone called, and i manage to get someone send me to the hospital before i died on my bed.

ER again, but this is in SMC. the jaga stil direct me to register counter, but i told him i cant even stand straight and i need a bed immediately. damn stupid right? then only someone carry me to the bed. the medical officer come and get my pulse and blood pressure checked. in conclusion, i may have bacteria infection and i'm having high fever, i need to have some blood test and she's going to give me glocose drip, i knew that. before she draw me a line, i told her to get the vien on my left hand, is much easier. this is much painful than the previous inserts. i almost cry!!! i said why dun give me a smaller insert, they said this is the smallest, there will be a bigger one, but since my hand is small, the big insert will break my viens [more painful!!!]

i'm back to SMC and this time on the 5th floor. i cant sleep for the whole night, my hand is pain, and the nurse keep comin in and out every 2 hours to have my body temperature and blood pressure checked. and lucky, body temp went down the next morning. thank god. the scary part was the glucose drip...1 bottle last approximate 11-12 hours. my 2nd bottle was finished in the midnight, the nurses going to change the 3rd bottle...i stopped her and negotiate with her abit. by convincing her that i'm good, dr said i'm good too. no vomit, no diarrea, can drink and can eat well. she said she need to check with dr.J 1st.. she return with the bottle of 0.5 glucose and i was so tension.. but lucky she said cant get doc at the moment. and i try to physco her abit, make her to pity me for a while so i can get it of the glucose drip and the insert on my left hand. and it turn out like that, ok, i won get the drip,,, but the insert will stil on my left hand. no drip, but injection thru the insert.....GOD!!!! another sleepless night. sigh....

dr.J was visiting me in the morning, i ask doc to remove the insert. lucky she said yes. this is like a light, a match in the dark to me once i heard it. yoohoo!!! and i tell doc that i hope to go back since i'm alright [althought i'm having severe diarrea], no choice ady, i dun wan any glucose drip anymore friend, no more!!!!! if u vomited, if u diarrea, u may say hello to the the inserts and the glucose drip.

yet, i get discharged in the afternoon.
o, sorry to my friends, sorry that i never tell u guys.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

29 JUNE 2006

13 Jan 2004 - 29 JUN 2006

very sad day, my beloved bull dog passed away.

someone told me that, this is because GOD love her very much, that's why HE wants her to be with him all the time.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


another movie week for me, sigh...nothing to do will be that "sien" in life.

after work, what can u do right? so on last wednesday and thursday, straight go movie after work...

cartoon will be nice, but i love the real car in tokyo drift wo... so i watch car cartoon with friend..

and i watch this another day, because really too bored to stay at home...

both was great...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

perhaps love

has been so long... this song has been released for dunno how long, now only i grap the chance to finished the whole version. i'm fell so sorry to ..jacky cheung.

basically, he has alot alot alot.. alot good/best songs ever have. is very meaningful, when i have nothing to do, i'll be repeating the song on and on...non stop for the same song. so he must be very tired, keep on singing the same song.heh. lucky enough. modern technology created CD player, and i can keep repeating the same song over and over again... yeah!!

i'm doing it now to faith hill for her -amazing grace. nice!! very peaceful when u listen to this song. music can make you relax, so this is a very good relax theraphy to me, especially when u feel bored, or down..

but some ppl may into other stuff besides music, may be sports, or shopping or on food.. ar.. to de-stress, for me is messanger, food, and tv show, music, hang ot with friends. good try, yeah!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

port dickson on holiday weekend

labour day on the 1st of may. so damn lucky it was on monday, so for thoes have 5 working day.. yoOhOOoo!!! we have 3 days, i mean 3 WHOLE days, which is OFF to work.

so back to seremban, and start planing on these 3 days....
day one: no plan
day two: bo plan also
day three: no plan....because i need to attend a wedding dinner at 7pm.

what the hell...long holi but no plan for that, what a waste..
aahha,, but its ok. lucky i still have ahfee..i plan to join him for his plan. [he told me that on his friend BD, for him abit like his own family day, because he need to bring me along...but...dun care la, i really have no plan, no entertainment, no fun if i never follow him to PD.]

so these are some pic i took on the one day trip....

we go here...

then we on a war game....
get ready.... go..

and we won...

and these fella,, all looser... [sorry, but ur too week....]
then we go on seafood supreme...yo!!!
and, happy birthday to them.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

movie day

its wednesday, its a movie day!!

wo wo, so long... has been 2 weeks i never go for a movie..its i plan to go on a movie this week. soOOOoooooo..........The Wild cartoon i'm aiming for, its not that funny as incredibles, or madecasca [spelling?] but at least the coala bear plays an important role in that [i go for this cartoon is just because of this coala bear le]

talk about wednesday is a movie day in whole malaysia, but...ok la, in midV the offer will cut off after 9pm... and what?? i knew it since "once upon a time"...not only that, they have extra charges for new movie tickets tim, sometimes the selling price up to RM12. but this will be happened in midV la, as for other area for GSC the price will be much cheaper..but u know la, ppl like us really "jin" must go watch in midV baru got the "feel". as for me, i prefer TGV at sunway, as long as u dun choose the latest movie, your wallet won shrink so much...standard price on wed for the whole day... yoOOhoo!!

and up comin next.... mission impossible....

deng1 deng1 deng2 deng3 deng2 deng1...deng3 deng3 deng4. deng3 deng3 deng4.......remember the music and they always start with the matches....the classic.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

1930 - 0000

friday night like yesterday...fuhh..really wan to "ga na sai" those fella which come late. imagine they were LATE for 3 and a half god!!!

but still ok with me, because there are few of us there, bull shitting and talk cock abit la, laughting none stop when hau is there ady. this guy is a joker, he was telling me and johannes that he was a senior and became a junior...and i promise to bring you to SBN in my final year back in Monash,, just to visit the "legend seremban siew pao" which u always mention...and, too, i cant promise him that i will attend his graduation in this comin September. if i'm there, i guess i'll "sapu" the food in the graduation hau..u wait la, alright? we may come because of the nice food in sunway hotel..and because of u also la, buddy... we talk about "sum = heart" ma..are we???

and back to those ppl who's super late,,, basically we should charged them on our drinks lo, and lucky we are not waiting at starbucks, if not this gathering will be very memorable la wei....but still we were not stop...really none stop drinking "suet cha", tea-o-ice and tea-ice..until someone mention that he "feels" very u can imagine how broke we are, other than "water" we cant affort any "food".

so when everyone's there, we were lagi terra on bull-shitting, mention sampai when we get old [only a few of us la], and someone they are on bacteria work, so they keep exchanging information...until how canggih they were..and sekali they got E.coli purified from the soil,,ahah, will this claims as waste of time?? unless u got something really special... and got some sohai trying to buy disposable pipette tubes from the lab tech..and end up he got it "free"... wo wo wo, this practise will always happened on them.. they can have a mini-exibition of their work i guess.... so who izzit.... who who's that fella!!!

too bad have to work on that saturday, forgive me, i make a move 1st.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

state of mind

i read up a book..but too bad i forgot what the name of it. and i copied down what's really inspire me..just want to share it anyway.


just as it is impossible to gain the reward of eating fresh fruit without first planting and tending to a fruit tree. so too it is important that we balance our lives by planting seed of success early.

as we have learned, there are many steps on the journey of life. we are like everything else on the planet. our lives go in cycle and good things take time. to really gain rewards in life, often we have to work hard for long time. like a tree which grow up strong, we have to allow our "roots" to go deep into earth before we can grow upwards.

also, like a tree, eventually we have to start giving back.

trees grow fruits, fruits grow seeds.

seeds grow more trees.

APRIL @seremban

April is a very special month to me since i'm a christian, because i know that my BD will be always someway near Good Friday and Ester Sunday. arr,, basically not only to myself, to all of us born in April, more to Aries.

few of my friend's BD are one or two days range, so i always feel that we are really "yuen" if u want me to tell u more. weii, this is God arrangement ma, arr.. is it??

few friends back in MONASH they came to celebrate with me and not only that, i need to take him to the fish shop, damn!! i rather spend sometime on the mahjong table...

we went on a dinner and then.. what else again, happy hour all night long.
i went with them...

and them...
and the they give me this on that night. but on the next day, i have some winnie the pooh collection....hmm. how old am i.. but not bad la.. so next time may be "ang pow" k??? and we take some pictures with our mahjong cards, u may count on the points then u'll know how terra we are.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


having lunch in the afternoon basically is important to everyone, claiming that this is one of the basic meals for the day. 3 important one which is Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

as for myself, i'll be skipping my breakfast most of the time during school time, but not anymore when i start to work. ahaha, for those who are working right now, surely they understand why. hoho...having breakfast with your collegues in the office is fun, we can spend more time on our breakfast and start work almost 0845 or 0900 although start work at 0830...wahaha!! but,, we do work OT without pay wo...

as for lunch, i really enjoy my lunch hour when i start working in KL.because this will be the kepoh session [most of the time], and staring from now, my ex-coursemate from the nearby comp will be joining us on and off. we will keep up-dating each others as part of the lifely information [so our life will full of suprises], information from any sources, eg. how's d work, how's the pay, and where/how is our friends', who's collegue is more bitchy/jibai + who's their active/current partner at the moment, are they changing their work, who's getting married, siapa-siapa in oversea work as a ***, or someone futher their masters or PhD, and who kena lottery, who who who have change their hair style, who's having new car, even sometimes who's going to movie last night also can kepoh......[see la,quite meaningless right? but i bet everyone practising this when meeting up friends.] and you may claims this as caring ma...

but mainly i do it to my female friends, and to some close male friend as well. sometimes our "meeting" quite crazy la, especially when u meet someone can be as crazy as i am, normally this can be happened when i'm with eling, eugenia or ling chih. and too bad la, ling chih siao wu in UK now, she told me that she's now in UK but seem like she's in a arab country...ahaha..may be i'm getting ld and always think about the past while i'm in school.... and start to buy insurance and drive very slow,, my friends said that when u have all this thoughts, meaning that i'm getting old and old folks is more "gia si-hokkien".

and NO!!! i dun wan to become a old lady with wrinkles....but, this will be the fact...hmm. but nvm la, as long as i still can kepohing/hang out with them, i dun mind getting old, because they will be getting old together with me tooooooOOOooooo.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

wonderful weekend

how come i'm here agin in malacca??

ar..even this place is boring, but still love to come here.
atleast here i can hang out with my friends, can take pictures, can have nice food [food that cant get in KL] and reasonable price what i can say. for example, u cant always take picture in midvalley, pyramid,KLCC or ikea gua, coz we always hang out at these places and i will find it very wierd, but unless.....with non-local la k. and now go to these places, we never dress up liao, just a simple house t-shirt with shorts. so do u think we still wan to take picture on that "look"?

and we are here in malacca, to visit my ex-collegue and visit only jonker in the afternoon. the weather super hot, and still HOT!!! no time for the evening part because they need to go back at 8pm, too bad for them. off course the chicken rice, the concentrated "gula melaka" cendol is their favourite. and along the street, got alot antic shops, and my friend have spend so much time to look for their interest. 10 minutes passed, 20mins passed, and "ok, its time for us to proceed to the next stop already". i know i'm very bad to ask them to leave the place, but if u dun do that, i guess they can "QC-quality control" every single item in the shop.... and they should lucky to have me in helping them for their time management....and we do took a few pictures, and how come few only.. i forgot to bring mine and johannes came out in a hurry and mr.chin brought a low-bat camera...this is why we took a few pictures at jonker.

we took pic with chin's car at the river side.

and this 2 gila's want to take picture with the chicken rice

and almost kena bang by the car..damn!

i love this mail box, its very have one.hoho

but we enjoy it and we crap alot about the experience back in MONASH.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

to a special one, on a special day

the special day was on this 19 of MArch 2006, but there will be another 19 of MARch for 2007, 2008 for the coming years. [this is just my excuses actually, because i din get to celebrate with my special one on his BD.]

basically, for every special moment, we do not celebrate together, this may due to our timing. either is mine fo his, always not in the same area@location i mean. and through out these years, we already get used to it, and sometimes rather spending all these special moment together with friends. MORE PEOPLE, MORE FUN!!! same tactic apply on ordering food too, coz u cant eat alot of stuff just with 2 person, so MORE PEOPLE, MORE FOOD to order.

even i'm abit heartless, din get to wish u on 0000am sharp, BuT, i bought u a small and nice cake on that evening when your are back right?? and all i wan to tell u is : HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u mr.blur!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

pit stop PARTY

Last week I was boring when my friend called me in the afternoon, telling that they are not coming to SBN to visit my puppy and me. Due to their naughty cat fell from 7th floor, and amazingly, the cat still survived but with minor bone fracture at one leg. And u know, Chinese says cat got 9 life’s so, I guess twinkle the cat still have 8 to go. See, pet like a child for those really care, like my friend and myself [seeing her twice a week at the moment, and I still love to play with her]. Ya, when they are not coming off course sien liao la, I have plan for the day and next ma. Even, I felt lonely because no one coming and basically can say no friend in SBN. Some still in KL, some stay at home jaga anak, some went to Singapore, err,,I know last week-end was GOOD DAY in lunar calendar, hmm……u understand la, Chinese culture. And YES, quite a lot of my friend getting marry on that Saturday and Sunday too. But bUT BUT…. lucky, my day was brightened up by my beloved friends; they brought me to the pit stop party at SEPANG. HohOHo, the night at this party was wonderful + excellent as my conclusion.

HaH, how wonderful? And how excellent it can be right? If you were there, u will feel it. The party starts roughly at 2200pm, and its super crowded. even there are 6000 free parking space, still, people love to park some where near the party entrance. See la, like those civilized
people@parker, by using their civilized brain so that may be they will not trap in the traffic when the party ended.THAT’s WHY traffic jam will happened dull!!!! by the way, traffic jam will happened whenever there is a special occasion. eg. jam in the morning during the week days [working is a special occasion to someone special like me.], jam in shopping mall [when the MAD JJ sale is on], jam in highway [CNY, hari raya, deepavali], jam in disco club [every weekend, and ladies' night], jam in KFC, jam in McD drive thru counter....etc. arrr. let's back to the party.

as i mention, rave party wo. of course got alot chuun gals and handsome yet tall guys, and lala look buddies as well. so ignore things that i dun have in interest. ang-mo aunty and uncle as well and u know la, some women with big tummy in tight shirt, "huge men and women"...fuhh.countless.. and how come keep seeing this kind of view. and i decided to go for a farer view, walk nearer to the stage. and finally i found a better spot. gals with bra top, guy with tatto or nice body line, start unbutton their
shirt@naked top, woWOwO, this is what i comin for...HOT!!!n Crazy!!! when the atmosphere is high and you are with your friends, trancie music, everyone start swinging or shaking their body or hands up in the air together with alcoholic drink and also free-flow cigratte from my friend. hey!! what are u waiting for, enjoy yourself and the point is, the occation is only on once in a year. [besides others rave la]. ok la, actually the beginning of the party was boring, coz the crowd haven worm up their engines. during that, they provide some fire-works too, this helps!! like the ignitor to make the people become hot and crazy and getting more CRAZY!! and truely, the weather for that night, may be up to 31 celcius i guess. and some of the ang-mo leng lui cant tahan the hot temperature in SEPANG, and they starting to play with ICEy water, well well well, some of my friend also join them for a ice bath, coz when he's going there he told me this "i cant loose this opportunity".

again, with cigratte and beers plus music, this is how we spend our week end at SEPANG. all i wan to say to them is THANK YOU, because i have a special night..... and oPppSSs, i din get to celebrate with my special one on his special day, so may be tomorrow la.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

too old @ too young

its the time for me to voice out something which i dun really understand in the circle of life, or may be u can say the cruel side in the business community.

when i'm a graduates, i start to search for my carreer for a better life [actually no one love to work in this world, except for some "workoholic" or some one really enjoy working life compare, or may be some work really in vacation style.] hmm, as for myself, in order to wake up in the morning and get myself to work is difficult, especially work starts at 0800 or 0830, and beside this u need to get your
public@own transportation.

if you are taking LRT, here is some reality u need to face. and all this based on my own experience from age 19.

[LRT + BUS user]
if u stay far from LRT station (far mean cheap in rental), u need to wait for the torties driver to come, and u wish all traffic light is green to go when u see them changing yellow. not only this, when reach the LRT, u need to run for the train, when u listen to this "shhhhh" the train is either comin or leaving @ " ti ti ti"which mean u have another 10 seconds. if u think you are a supergal or superboy, may be u manage to get on board. when u reach your exit, may be u need to wait for another torties bus driver to get you to your school or office and all this may need you to wake up at 0600 - 0630 if you wan to be on time. if your are a student, may be u can skip the morning class. as for those punch card employee, i'm so sorry for them, if your are late, some company may deduct the salary. this "deduction" may help u to understand your company.

through my experience, some companys' rule may like this.
a) 1 minute = deduct 30 minutes [F**k + looser company]
b) 1 minute = really deduct 1 minute [its ok if u work 15min OT and you may get 14min OT $]
c) they dun mind how late you are, and make sure your job can be finished on time.

okok, far from what i should...

for those only rely on bus transportation, well u may skip the LRT part, and this does not mean your life will be better. during the working hour for every morning and evening, i ASSURE u that you will always trap in the
massive@heavy@not moving traffic jam [except you know many shortcuts and u willing to pay for toll to have a minor@light@moving traffic jam], but lucky you are only a passenger, u can sleep or rest in the bus if u able to get a seat. but mainly are standing like the sardine in rectangle aluminium can + traffic jam@accident on the road, plus sometime no air circulation + some BO[body odour ppl] stand next to you,i can only say good day to you buddy.

as a conclusion, so better get a company near the LRT station @ bus station.

this is for the [car user]
ok, you may escape from the packed bus and having your own private transportation.BUT... u still have to jam in the traffic, UNLESS u wake up very early in
the morning and start your engine at 0700 (depends la). the flow is still ok by then, if u late for another 15min, u need to pray for mirical happen,, but some still manage to be in the office by 0830, sorry for those start at 0800. besides this, in order to have a private space, you may contribute to the queue of the heavy jam, and u may bare on the expenses [petrol+toll+parking fee] and you need to be extra concentrate when driving together with thoes "tuhan kereta" on road.

to [motorcyclist]
so admire them when in good weather, and pitty them when its rainning.
good weather**they can be anyway. no need to wait for queue.
hot sun*******become "roasted pig*babi bakar"
rainny day****they will be under the shade*normally under the highway bridge.
they may save time and expenses, but its super dangerous.

so, which one is the best to be choosen???

and WHY too young and too old. ahhaaha... this is what i want to start now, just now was bull-shitting, all because of the "wake up early to work" in my mind.

too young is when go for interview, ppl may consider that i'm too young to handle the work, or always think that i'm fresh in the field,they may ask u alot alot questions, and they may looking for those experience. ok, may be i agree. but t i keen to learn, responsible.....cant think of it now.moreover, i dun think everyone have the experience to gain if they never given a chance. product knowledge and company profile can be easily develop if the person "absorption" is high. but to handle "gossip experience" this may need to develop for time being in order to protect ourself. and this too young may help me in selecting job when i still have the chance to change working environment, may be for another 3 years or 2. when your about to proceed to too old stage, ppl will make a selection due to age, reasons like this, not agrresive la, the brain rust liao la, slow motion, no new idea as the freshy do la, and all sorts of reason they can give. but always remember "They are the boss", unless u have potential that ppl wan you to be their partner desperately. old, senior, plus experienced and they tend to say that your heart no more motivation, stable and sastified with the condition....and so so so. but well, hey,, is experience count???? yerr.. so what they want!!!!

hmm.... but what i understand is the fact that, when someone dun appreciate you, they can give all sorts of reasons, excuses, general facts... and its true also, they have to choose the best of the best among use ma, and they cant affort to have any "heart attack" news. for example,, may be u have been working there for 2, 3 months and they spend so much time to train u up, your time and theirs and somemore they PAY you. so, and in a suddent, resignation letter is the way we pay them back... and that's why nwo a day the recruitment centre they wan us to sign a "contract" that at least have to work for 3 months whenever they get u a a job while u accept it. and even some company they hire those contract basis. and talk about this contract basis...hahha, may be is kind of
insurance@protection to protect the employer and employee for not paying bonus???i wonder....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

stairWAY 2

yesterday was tired, so din write much about my life back in secondary school and primary too. but its nothing much to talk about either. but as i got nothing to do [besides counting the pages whether they are in order and is there is mark up proof, and this is my task for today.]

when during the school time at temiang [this is a malay girl school and we are famous with fighting, "ponteng"(not skip class so simple, is totally dun go to school for 1 or 2 days), mini skirt uniform... and all this thanks to my former senior, if not no one knows who we are ((because in seremban we have another english gal school name-convern and the goverment change it to "puteri" and i found it funny. may be for some former convern gal will have the same concept as i do. ar.. its like that this gal school super famous, alot ppl but male wan to be part of them, ppl say the gal there pretty, ppl say the gal there smart, and ppl say the gal there very lady-like, and ppl say they are standard, somemore branded. and okey!! i agree to some part of it.)) so in conclusion, my school, is lousy compare to them la.

besides all these, we do have after school activities too---eg.c0-curiculum. and the rule is we have to select one bahasa club, one sport club and one uniform club. i hate to have all these 3 selection actually, but lucky i have all my kaki in the same club.

1st we select :chinese society ; 2nd will be these...hand ball, net ball and volley ball.(since they join all these i go there have fun with them too. and 3rd choice, the Teakwondo team (which i started this during primary. so i'm strong and tuff!! yoYoYo!!)

these 3 activities make me super loaded and plus i need to go for alot tiutions, before PMR i need to go for science tiution, BM and BI tiution and after this PMR, going to SPM i need to go physic and add-maths tiution. not only this, during form 4, every one starts having their P driving license, and we love to go mamak and PD just for fun, and because of this, alot, many elders keep complaining that i'm turning BAD, got bad influence from them. siGGGggggHh..i'm tired to do any explaination here and i did show my temple or fighting with them about this over and over and over...again and again. and finally many years later, untill now i proof myself not wrong for having all this friends, at least they are not doing bad things, at least not to me. at least i have so much fun and experience rather than sitting@staying back home, doing nothing, learning nothing. and i know most of the parents love their child to stay at home, study and study and also helping them for the housework or gardening.

yerr.. !! i really hate when doing the gardening. may be later i can put on some house picture for a view, then u can imagine. and lucky, i'm not the one doing all these, my little brother do most of them, the funnist is he need to go down the drain and stand still in order to get the "pagar tree" trimed. and always kena bitten by ants and mosquitoes, truelly pitty him. and may be i can draw a blue plan of my house at RJ.[let me put it here next time, cant upload it right now]

but when your are on the spot u won feel that, if u feel pitty on him and why dun you cut the pagar tree for him, and i rather keep quiet, sometimes i'll be kacau and look while during the process. just wan to watch him, if he fell, may be i can rescue laughing out loud 1st then may be can shout to get help from my mum. but i din see him fell badly, so all this its only my imagination for the falling part.

and before this secondary school time, we always like to wash the cement floor at the parking space, actually want to play the bubbles with FAB detergent. and once after cleaning, the "cendol" will speeding towards our lorong and lucky its a dead end lorong and manage to catch him every time. so one ringgit for both of us is alot, one huge bowl of cendol!!!!

or may be we will choose one cartoon [[cartoon like peter pan, cinderella, beauty and the beast, pinoccio, "lou fu zhi", and sleeping beauty only. and we dun have little mermaid or even mickey mouse@donald duck, this is because no one buy for us and i dun even know their existance, and until i'm 8@9 then only got aladdin and +++, then lucky walt disney keep comin out new cartoons, like NEMO [double yeah!!] so make my life in hostel more interesting ]] or tapes and he will go buy KFC with his BMX. or else we will play 3 ppl manjong with 2 person.hoho, its tricky!! that day i heard my mum said one time she and my dad too boring at home, and they plan to play 2 ppl manjong with 2 person, and keep shorting of cards, off course la, so can see we are smarter to play 3 ppl manjong with 2 person...and mum said its boring and yet can can play for 6 round.[pui fuk!!]

with all these memories, my spare time will be filled and i even ceritakan some of the fun stuff to my friend sometimes when ever there is an incident similar with what i experienced.

Monday, March 06, 2006


have been a while not into this activities for so so long. here i need to apologise to my fello friends and "family member" in monash@hostel.

hmm.. as for this i need to let u guys know what i'm busy with lately. arr** first of all, i need to be super carefull when i go online in my office, although i have nothing to do for the whole day [sometimes]. and we are SHARING the PC!!!! what!! can you imagine that while you are using the computer and someone beside u waiting for their turn to check for their email at outlook express.

for instant :
some stupid, i guess they may be dun have the ability to communicate or just wan to be cool in my office. or may be they are hadicape [problem with their voice or they never brush their teeth or they smell awful when they about to open their mouth.. or may be~~ GOD!!

Opp, again sorry for going too far.

they just standing besides me or near the PC or behind my chair while i'm using it, at first i ignored them. after 3 minutes, again she's there since just now. and then

me: blue
stupid collegue: green

"ar, u need to use the computer?"
"yalar, then why i'm here?"

so i quickly move my heavy body from the chair and in my heart i'm using vulgal words to send her family also ancestors some "touching" regrads. this doesn't mean that i always simply send ppl's regrads in vulgal words, because they are not friendly at the first place. since so many times [see, not the first time, i'm kind enought to them] they dun show their "friendlyness" so why must i always be the fool, may be i still can pretend infront of then but deep in my heart i have curse them or send them regrads so so many times, ever since i'm not happy with their silliness.

ok for this scenario, and secondly is based mostly on the first scenario. since have to be super carefull when using the PC and yet i have to wait till no one there infront of the PC only then i use to check mail, heheh. or may be print out my resume or may be check out some relavent job online. but too bad, how come no respond at all. again,, BE PATIENT!!!! and yet, this super carefull action may delay some of my stunt, i cant check mail or writing my blog so obvious ma, so i need to pretend that i'm checking the company's email. wahaha!! now i able to do this because i dun care!!

to mr.boss: fire me if u want to. [this is the kind of spirit when u think that this is a part time job for u]

and also for the pass few weeks, i have a lot of thinking, this is because i'm too free, nothing to do in the office. having some memories refreshing session. [in a reverse style]

thinking of the old days when i'm in MONASH with my manjong kaki + marlboro kaki, lepak kaki, dinner and supper kaki, also my burger kaki "irene the roomate from B309 till D103" as well. before the establisment of this manjong club among few of us, we do have a "cho dai dee club" before this happened.

---> club member : johannes (curl hair), miss Sim (funny+siao lady), kiki (the great detector), eling (crazy+generous lady), arr..the guy a always forget his name (i'm sorry) and ME!!!

we always, i mean we is because eling and myself always hang out at johannes place at lagoon view, sunway.[fuhhh, rich student stay in rich apartment, but too bad, we all are the poorest among the rich.] that's why we can hang around, doing stuff which not even spend a cent. to be frankly, we are not together doing work sometime, we are copying his stuff and try to modify it with our streesfull mind. this is because when someone get their work done and we no need to do extra finding as u can say that we are --- YES!! we are LAZY!!! and we do not have higher marks than he do, so he won feel bad for that, this is because i always pray for him "GOD!!! let me pass and i wish i will not have higher marks than the master copy" here u go, that's why u have a honour and we don't have it.wahaha!!!

besides having fun with our assingments and reports, we do need some entertainment as well, we start with "cho dai dee" and pairs. and later when johannes bought a set of manjong back from singapore which cause him $20 for that, and in order to have worth manjong set, we always play the manjong. off course based on our skillfull technique, we dun really know how to play with "fan @ circles [tong zi] @ tai sam yun", so they decided to visit my father during our winter break. so this fella even note down what my father teach him over the session. hmm.. i should charged him on that.

after the trip, the "manjong angin lagi kuat". and these slow down a bit when someone not on the track, some distraction occur may be. together, some of them start leaving uni due to graduate, transfer and some even moving to another apartment. but the manjong spirit will not die, so these activities starts again in eugenia's apartment at Spectrum, the scary, haunted-look lift. but in order to accomplish our mission, so DUN CARE la!!! and later get use to it,not so scary anymore.the robber there lagi terrified!! and this go on till we almost reach the finals, but due to some circumstances [part time job] i dun have much time to spend with the new and old club members. moreover, i dun even have a chance to join their activities indeed, what a waste..

and come to the research project, hoho, we do have lots of fun in the science lab, we work from day to night to get our
compound@extraction@fraction, we have to share the machines since everyone using it to seperate their own proteins. that was fun, and i have learnt alot of stuff which i can never get it from the book, arrr.. can say not only science knowledge from the text book. something like.....what ever it is, it's all about science. physic is science, matematic is science, art is science, anger management is science tech too and all these inter-@intra-related. yet related to pseudo-science if u wan to apply it in astrology or mynth [fuhh~~i'm really a science student]

be a part of hosteline, its great!! classes start at 8am, wake up at 745am, still manage to be class on time [if u dun really dress up, or put on lotion, sunblock, face cream and perfume] if u want to get all this done plus a healty breakfast, i need to wake up at 7am and i CHOOSE not to wake up until 8am. so i,,err we always late for the morning classes, because all the LATE kaki practise the same act as i do. when ever there is a break in between, u can only see us in the computer lab or "corner shop" [the shop located at the corner] drinking soya or "tau fu fa". or else i'll go back sleep since the walking distance its only 3 minutes. and irene, the roomate she were super loyal to her VU and she hardly skip class, she honour me with her respect to my loyalness towards my bed and pillows. and i have spread my viruses to her i guess.

that's some part of my uni life, as in taylor, i do have my a dear chou chou and way way, they are the best! why? coz both of them are funny and mr.good for some moment. chou chou help me alot in my maths, and about way way...he brought us to klang for "pak kut teh" just for once. and where are they now? still on their journey to become a doctor.

as in the student house, subang. for those staying in 17 [if i'm not wrong] are wonderful, except the old and urgly owner which is the most useless bitch who keep increasing the rental. and thanks to her also, i found another house in SS15 with only RM150 per head, and i stay till i finished my A-Level.thanks to this RM150 rental per single room, this make myself much more easier compare to RM230 for a 4-sharing master bedroom.[this is subang if u wan to stay there, and this is 6years ago, may be now the rental increase drastically. and SUNWAY lagi expensive if u wan to compare] and i still remember CASAMIA, the bakery, we always hang out there for the tarts and someone love the peanut bread. also go to the BIG pasar malam with housemate on every tuesday and sunday [too bad, it moved nearby 3M in sunway].

so, this was my life after form 5, pasar malam, food, sleep, manjong and MSN with my kaki.

Monday, February 20, 2006

i duno why

switching here as my second option just because...because, i duno why. u tell me.