Saturday, March 30, 2013

moment updates.....

after writing about the V day in 2012.. there goes busy busy and lazy to write about the same going on everyday. my goodness, where did the fun go??

well, there's new kind of fun after committed to a SERIOUS relationship. things that i need to do every week.....can u imagine!!

THE Cleaning
clean the house, not just normal cleaning, its deep cleaning. even the things inside the drawers i need to clean them once in awhile.. and BY THE WAY, since when Malaysia weather so dusty !!!!

THE Arranging
rearrange and rearrange... guys, can u please do not touch or move anything thing in the house.
sort out the clothes that belong to hanging, folded, and which compartment or basket to keep those hanging or folded bedsheets, pillow cases, or may be shirt, pants.. etc.

THE reCleaning process
i know im a OCD freak.... mind me. it's for our own good. and seriously, do u like hotel kind of clean? or u prefer to stay under a roof and spend your time sleeping under grease or dust? and what's wrong to make sure u clean your hand or feet..... do it!!!! do it people, u are driving me crazy. so pissed of when i done cooking, and found out the dining table is not clean. and and..... when i'm about to start cooking, and found out the previous user did not keep it clean.............i felt so tired instead of pissed some times.

i know it's not a big deal..... but people, i wish i can be relax and the house will be kept clean my terms by other. anyone wants to do it for me?? i miss my studio room back in Kuwait [history, not gonna happened] ... so clean and so organised!

oh gosh.... i'm out of the topic again..
well, nothing much after V day in 2012......oh ya, i got engaged in May... congratulation to me!! [will write about it soon]

Tuesday, October 09, 2012



自小,家庭经济状况有人为的不如意。就是酱,我们大概就变成了不受欢迎的人物。我还记得不受欢迎的程度对我长大的过程有很大的影响。我的玩具很少, 零食很少, 衣服很少,卡通片很少, 更别说有机会去远足, 所以来往的亲戚朋友更少。我的童年玩伴只有我弟和很多的纸和面纸,还有一大堆的树叶和路边的小花, 当然我也会有洋娃娃, 想知道洋娃娃是怎样换回来的吗? 就是因为太穷, 我在不知情的情况之下和我三姑结下了不解之缘。当然, 是好事, 但也有很他妈的多不开心的事情。

在酱的情况之下, 我可以很自私的把责任推回给各位也一样有受惠的人士。干嘛你们不他妈的一起分享, 也为何不他妈的想当初对待她好一点。那么多的为什么也没用, 因为回不到从前。 所以你们可以他妈的去死, 别在我面前讲风凉话, 或来个马后炮。到最后, 没人会把这当成责任。 听好哦, 如果我姑姑是个很林有钱的人, 会轮到我吗? 我会有机在没有能力会分辨好或坏, 是非或真实的时候就开始不断的聆听或洗脑式的痛骂各位来度过我没有反击的童年。 正确来说, 我的童年充满阴影。可以在这里谢谢大家的贡献, 对我有无敌的影响。trust me, 如果你是男的你不会了解, 也别告诉我你他妈的明白。

那么多的不愉快, 干嘛还留下。还放弃移民出国的机会?? 原因很简单, 放心不下妈妈, 姑姑没人照顾。姑姑老了, 变成更上一层楼的in her own world。 她就是不能理解我也是个人, 也有我自己的思维。我家族的那一套,就不是我要的, 所以我们没共识。 她不是传说中的明白事理, 所以当我想闭门放空脑袋, 或把我忧郁症的心情放松。我还没机会把脑袋停一停, 她就不断的指控我对她不秋不睬。又闹, 又问一大堆令我发火的傻嗨问题!!!!!!!!!!! 天啊!!!!!!! 姓氏的病症吗?????

我没有快乐的童年, 所以我没有童真。 干嘛你们就不停的期望我是一个温柔体贴的人???  会撒娇, 会讨欢心。????? 请问,  我好像也没得美满的童年哦。我可以向谁要回那些年?? 那干嘛向我发脾气?? 干嘛不想一想我的空间? 也不会想一想我有这个必要留下陪大家到老吗?

各位, 要指责我之前, 以顾下我也是有感受的。 要想一下, 我为了要陪你们到老, 我在这之前赌了一场我和大c的关系, 大c也因此赌了他来马来西亚的就业危机。也一起甘愿从零开始。 有苦难言, 还是要比较谁伟大?? 或你们牺牲比较多? 可以合作点,  别闹, 浪费我的时间吗??

我留下的初愿可是随时,随心情更改的!!!!! 你们惨了, 请保重。妈妈跟我, 哈哈

Monday, April 30, 2012


28th of April 2012.... this is not just a date on the calender, it is a historical moment for all the Malaysian in Malaysia, especially to those who went to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur [KUL]. I personally respect those silence protestor who went there for this major/ biggest historical event.

let me brief you guys who still dont know what is "BERSIH",  it means clean, why clean? may be the following would help a little:-
Please do not forget the 8 demands of Bersih. Together we stand.

1.Clean the electoral roll
2.Reform postal vote
3.Use indelible ink
4.Free & fair access to media
5.Minimum 21 days campaign period
6.Strengthen public institutions
7.Stop corruption
8.Stop dirty politics

loud and clear folks, and its easy to understand as well.
may be there's people dont understand, or pretend not to understand/ aware of the situation right now although they stay in Malaysia. someone told me this before 428, "why care? it doesnt affect you any way." really? you can be that farking ignorant?? ! woww, seriously im kindda amazed with her/ he statement. ok, let's start all over again since there's articles, and videos shared on the supposed to be peaceful rally turned into a chaotic situation?? i wonder can u still have the attitude 'cant be bothered?'
i believed we do not pay tax for the force to protect the grass inside the circle??
can someone explain that to clear my doubts?
why the violence start? what caused it? victims got provoked? by whom? the peaceful demonstrator threw flamming gas bottle to the police? did they bring sticks or sharp objects in order to attack the local authorities? by the way, the police forces aren't supposed to protect the civiliance? how come they protect the grass ? where is the human rights? where's the freedom of speech?

local transportation in the city shut down, road blocked. but this did not stop people coming from all over the states, they walked 20km towards dataran merdeka to gather together for this BERSIH, the 8 demands in a peaceful way. malays, chinese, indians, kids accompanied by their parents, youngsters and even 70 ish folks there to tell the government, the world what we want. again, mind me, in a peaceful way.

there's two  video i watched several times and im emotional about it.

and here's another video u guys must pay attention at, as a Malaysian, i got so angry, emotional.

i understand alot Malaysian they want to do some thing about it, or may be they dont wish to do any thing about it due to their personal point of view. there's Malaysian want to do some thing but they're away from the country due to work in order to have income to support the families, due to exams, etc. But..... i hope those Malaysian who's inside the country can do their best to save the country, safe yourself. we do not deserved this, at least i think you guys dont deserve this since u are a tax payer.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


但是我这个老鬼还是没开窍!奸诈高手发牌时还是会中招。。问题是要怎样去避免呢?不闻不问?可是已经不闻不问了,别人还是会逼着来要我接招。 通常问题出于我,是我于心不忍。。妈的!这趟我得想想办法!酱下去的话我一定会被逼出心理不平衡。


Sunday, February 12, 2012


人真的很奇怪,这个根本不是我想去了解,去花心机,去花时间的课题。我只是喜欢看戏,听歌,乱吃零食, 喝点好咖啡,吃有味道的小食。生活真的很忙, 太忙帮其他人,忽列了我做人的综指。#¥%·#¥!

我的路线就是千篇一律的态度, 应该是who cares的态度, 可是有时候真的有点超劳心!真的要改掉这个他妈的坏习惯!! 工作超累得脚抽痉,自己给自己压力,又要面对同事,又要应付奇奇怪怪的方案,放工又怕人又怕鬼,又怕穿高跟鞋时遇坏人跑不快所以放工后换鞋,妈的就来弄死自己。心灵压力一天比一天重时,还听见友人和家人说我的工作很轻松。对,是很轻松,可是辛苦的时候这班人在哪里??



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

let's face the reality ~

hhmm..... how should i start on this.

i know im not old enough to talk about this, but im not young though. if u are one of my blog follower since 2006... u gonna know what's my perception towards life, people, reality and the ugly truth. so please get offended of personal on this. and big thanks to my fellow friends and families who always being supportive and kind to me all this while.

i know best what i want in life honey,
because i been through bad, difficult, harsh moment in life since young. i know how it feels, i know how others judge me, i know why they judge me.

yes, i was angry, i have alot of hates inside !! i hate those bitch on my family, i hate those stay away, and avoid my family because we were so poor and it doesnt bring any good to others if they stay close. i hate everyone who didnt help, i hate everyone who didnt be understanding.

well, all this doesnt do me any good, it make me upset and im not a cool person all the time. but im kind of good now, better i supposed. im really, truely glad and im thankful to all of them who contribute the chaos, the trouble, the shit to me instead. they're the one who help me tuned and adjusted my perception, well, books help alot as well. these people in my life, they're my true motivation dude ! and because of all these ugly truth in reality, i learnt well, and still learning. huray !! better than any thing, this is a gift from life, from God !

i know best what i want in life,
because im the one behold my own destiny.

this end up i know what i want in life, which u cant blame me. im realistic, im materialistic because i get stress easily. and of course, i dislike to have nor go through stress moment any more. just dont like it, im sure no one like it any way. im enjoying my current life, i like it alot because i work for it, i contented with my plan. life is always like that, u need short term plan as well as long term plan to have a better life, to make things work. this is what im trying to work out for the future. please be understanding.

when i met u, im glad, im happy. i want to feel good and joyful everyday.
i know its hard, i know its frustrating to stick to the plan. my plan to be actually, which i know its not romantic. i love romance too, who doesnt??? !! but i prefer to sort things out first. this is me, im a very rational and with patience, this is my way of dealing with life. i wish i could forget and dont give a fuck to every thing, and then.... what next? to commit a serious relationship and grow old together is not about the first few years, its gonna be a very long period of time. if dont give a fuck now, sooner or later the problems may or may not come back. why not sort it out now? and be a good planner?

i really want things can work out, and have better plan, make life easier in our future. i know it drives u crazy because im a rational person and it seems like im not loving, which i dont know how to re-explain why i have to be rational and patience all the time. please be understanding and cope with me. i want it to be forever, long term instead of being romatic, without good planning. thati call it uncertain..never gonna know what gonna happen, which will easily kick start my anxiety. sorry about it, but its true.

life is a bitch, reality is not romantic, so am i ~~

KFC day out

am i a KFC fan?? not really, but i will crave for fast food once in awhile.

was planned to go out as a KFC day out with folks, but it end up just Linda Lee and me. well, seriously dun care who's not gonna join for the treat, plan will still ON no matter what !! hahahha, any thing when comes to food.......... im ON it !! food is my life, food always make me happy, unless its super lousy, bad taste and farking not work for money... emm, money is my best friend too. when i use my hard earn best friend [money] to get food [life], for sure i want some thing good in the end !! LOL !! so.. cut the story short................... just my excuses.
sorry for the distraction again..... hahahha !!
look at the latest KFC recipe !! and the burger !!!! yum yum

christmas 2010

christmas is always my fav... well, not just christmas, i love all festi season comes with food treat, yum yum yummm. heheheh...LOL

christmas is just around the corner, me and the gals decided to go out for movie at one of the mall in the city which i can get travel by train then steamboat buffet for dinner !! wohooo !! finally guys and gals ! that's one of the MUST EAT from my list.
look at the christmas deco.... NICE !look at the slice beef and slice pork... woooooo !!thank you gals for the day out, i had fun... reminds the fun day out back in kuwait. xie xie !
on christmas, we had family dinner at Malacca. the place i always love to go. but the traffic was really fuck up ! hmm.... no problem to traffic, as long as i have my steak waiting for me....... and guess what??? it wasnt that good, and the service suxx like hell.. OMG... never mind, never mind, just another not so nice restaurant in my little black book.
and some lovely gift for the gals ... thank you bin bin cousin for helping out too.and big thanks to Mr.C for 2010 christmas gift !! been craving for this for a year !! love it !

Sunday, December 05, 2010

APU's belated birthday party

aahh.. first time celebrate apu's birthday back in MYS after a year.. well, i dont really always there for the gals on their birthdays.. hmm, because i duno why.. LOL.

here goes.. hang out at Pavi for chardonnay sinn, then makan makan.. while waiting for apu. as usual, never on time. so let's eat, im freaking hungry !

FREE drinks from the restaurant ! pretty gals only ! nahh, yin the manager is our friends. hehe, where the hell FREE in the world. not in my dictionary !
since this is a colleagues' day out... most of the base crew colleagues attended, because miss olive said wanna party like a rock star ! hehhe..* winkdoes any of the gal look like rock star to u?? hahaha .. bet only miss olive and apu they both drunk at the very end of the party... farking hilarious ! thank you gals, i had fun seeing u gals wasted !

i heart this picture because ikhlas the gay is pretty entertaining that night !!

thanks and i'm really old for parties i guess. my body aching, legs sore, back pain and... im the freaking oldest in the group !! but~~ who cares !!! i love my life now ! *wink